DHEW publication
ΤίτλοςDHEW publication.
ΣυντομογραφίαDHEW publ.
Έτη έκδοσης[19--?]-1980
ΧώραΗνωμένες Πολιτείες Αμερικής
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ΤίτλοςDHEW publication.
Τίτλος κλειδίDHEW publication
ΣυντομογραφίαDHEW publ.
Τμήμα τίτλουD.H.E.W. publication
Έτη έκδοσης[19--?]-1980
ΔημοσίευσηRockville, Md. : U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, Health Services Administration, Bureau of Community Health Services
Πνευματική υπευθυνότηταUnited States. Health Services Administration.
ΧώραΗνωμένες Πολιτείες Αμερικής
ΥποσειράVital and health statistics. Series 12. Data from the National Health Survey 0083-1964
Vital and health statistics. Ser. 14, Data on national health resources 0083-1999
Vital and health statistics. Series 22. Data from the National Vital Statistics System 0083-2049
Financial statistics of noncommercial television license holders
Carcinogenesis abstracts 0008-6258
Current bibliography of epidemiology 0011-3247
Endocrinology index 0013-7235
Gastroenterology abstracts and citations 0016-5093
Mental health digest 0025-9659
Monthly bibliography of medical reviews 0027-0202
Toxicity bibliography 0041-0071
Consumer news (Washington) 0045-8260
Crime and delinquency abstracts 0045-902X
Cancer chemotherapy reports. Part 1 0069-0112
Cancer chemotherapy reports. Part 2 0069-0120
Cancer chemotherapy reports. Part 3 0069-0139
Directory of on-going research in smoking and health 0070-6000
National Cancer Institute monograph 0083-1921
Vital and health statistics. Series 13: Data from the National Health Survey 0083-2006
Research grants index 0083-2189
Library statistics of colleges and universities. Analytic report 0083-2731
Guidelines for health services research & development 0090-0354
Administration in mental health 0090-1180
Cerebrovascular bibliography 0090-1407
Annual report - CSU-PHS Collaborative Radiological Health Laboratory 0090-368X
Medical assistance (Medicaid) financed under Title XIX of the Social security act 0091-3103
Directory of secondary schools with occupational curriculums, public-nonpublic (Washington) 0091-3243
Statistics of local public school systems, finances (Washington) 0092-4504
Youth reporter (Washington) 0092-5438
Programs and services - National Library of Medicine 0093-0393
Number of pupils with handicaps in local schools (Washington) 0093-1403
Medicare, health insurance for the aged. Length of stay by diagnosis 0093-772X
Extramural program of research on aging of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development 0093-8777
Report of the President's Cancer Panel submitted to the President of the United States 0094-5684
Tetanus surveillance 0094-6605
Numbers of recipients and amounts of payments under Medicaid 0094-8195
Health professions capitation grants 0094-9051
Research program reports 0094-9582
Broadcast and production statistics of public television licensees 0095-2419
Financial statistics of CPB-qualified public radio stations 0097-9929
Children served by public welfare agencies and voluntary child welfare agencies and institutions 0145-9449
Recipients of public assistance money payments and amounts of such payments, by program, state, and county 0145-9465
New dimensions in mental health 0146-1451
Multiple risk factor intervention trial. Public annual report 0146-4884
Intercom (Bethesda) 0147-0892
State vocational rehabilitation agency. Program data 0147-0914
Public advisory committees, authority, structure, functions, members 0147-4251
Grants for training, construction, medical libraries 0147-6955
Annual report - Federal Council on the Aging 0149-8525
Intercom. Supplement (Bethesda) 0160-4392
ˆThe ‰NINCDS cerebral palsy research program 0161-2980
ˆThe ‰NINCDS hearing, speech, and language research program 0161-2999
ˆThe ‰NINCDS stroke research program 0161-3006
ˆThe ‰NINCDS epilepsy research program 0161-3014
ˆThe ‰NINCDS Parkinson's disease research program 0161-3022
ˆThe ‰NINCDS spinal cord injury research program 0161-3049
ˆThe ‰NINCDS muscular dystrophy and the neuromuscular disorders research program 0161-3057
ˆThe ‰Status of children 0161-4150
Occupational safety and health training grants 0161-9446
Where to write for marriage records. United States and outlying areas 0162-0916
Research in health care financing 0190-0358
Banned toy list 0190-2202
State consumer action 0190-2210
Cancer research safety monograph series 0190-2466
Recombinant DNA technical bulletin supplement 0190-5376
Annual report of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to the Congress on institutional training under the Manpower development and training act 0191-149X
Developmental disabilities abstracts 0191-1600
Profiles of financial assistance programs 0191-197X
Research in health care reimbursement 0192-5970
Medicare: health insurance for the aged. Section 3: Participating providers 0193-9505
Renal provider list 0195-8771
Facts at your fingertips, almost 0196-6278
National Cancer Institute fact book 0196-8149
Report of the Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention, National Cancer Institute 0196-8157
Science reports (Rockville) 0197-8713
Directory of medical facilities. All regions 0272-4049
Training the human resources bulletin 0275-679X
Publications and data tapes of the National Center for Health Statistics available from the National Technical Information Service 0278-7903
Research issues 0360-7631
Annual report, Title 2 Elementary and secondary education act of 1965. School library resources, textbooks, and other instructional materials 0361-3348
Mental retardation & developmental disabilities abstracts 0361-3798
Research monograph series - National Institute on Drug Abuse 0361-8595
Rh hemolytic disease surveillance 0362-9732
Kidney disease and nephrology index 0363-2369
Forward plan for health 0363-5031
Public Health Service grants and awards 0502-4749
Adult basic education program statistics 0565-7423
Statistics of nonpublic elementary and secondary schools 0565-7490
National Institute of Dental Research grants and awards 0565-7741
Where to write for divorce records 0565-8454
AFDC standards for basic needs 0731-1982
ˆThe ‰Federal mine health program 0734-886X
Foodborne & waterborne disease surveillance 0737-1241
Program and demographic characteristics of supplemental security income beneficiaries 0741-6911
Consolidated annual report on state and territorial public health laboratories 0743-5908
Medicare, use of home health services 0747-7325
Library statistics of colleges and universities (Summary data) 0884-2760
Mental health in deafness 0884-805X
Child support report 0884-8076
ADAMHA data book 0891-3897
Medicare. Health insurance for the aged. Geographic index of reimbursement by state and county 0094-4475
Research, demonstration, and evaluation studies (Washington, D.C.) 0163-0261
Disposition of public assistance cases involving questions of fraud 0145-9430
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